Today I was given a challenge: spend a couple of hours putting together a presentation that explains what Football is to somebody who doesn't know the sport. The following is a rough draft, the result of some loose playfulness.

Unfortunately for me, having football knowledge doesn't make one a good player. Perhaps one day I can become a football TV commentator instead.






Following is a quick visual design mockup of the interaction for CONTROL. How to control the ball using body parts allowed by the rules.



Above all, football is a game. If I were to dedicate the necessary time to this project, I would want the final design to be more refined, bold and colorful, friendly and inviting to use. The experience should be playful and convivial, but elegant. Imagine smooth movements and transitions.

In the above interaction example, the main goal is for the user to explore the six methods to control the ball. I would choose a simple and bold representation of a player, I would want the figure to be imposing with a low viewer eye-level. Thus, helping create an immersive experience.

That's all for now but I hope to be able to revisit this project in the near future.