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Bonjour Paris



Ça-y-est! Finally arrived in Paris after much preparation, a bit of anxiety and frustration. Overall it was a painless process, I consider myself fortunate that every step went smoothly. From obtaining the visa, to vacating the apartment in New York, selling belongings, packing and shipping. And most importantly, receiving everything in Paris without significant damages.

The first few weeks felt like a flash. Sleeping on the floor while waiting for the shipping company. Doing a lot of renovation on the apartment, visiting friends and family, "reporting" myself to the OFII (French Office of Integration and Immigration), filling out all kinds of paperwork and attending a number of required, day-long seminars about life in France. But yes, also made a point to do some sightseeing, reacquainting myself with all the usual spots, smells and sounds of Paris. In short, all the little things one must do when relocating to a new city.

A significant and happy day arrived when Internet access was installed. I could finally pick up and continue working on El Globalito.

For now I continue with the integration phase. Improving my French, observing, learning and enjoying the new environment. Also, It was important to continue doing the small things, those that may seem insignificant but bring you joy and make all the difference. Like playing football(soccer). Thus it was essential to find things like: a park with the regular football game, the neighborhood swimming pool, a good bar, the favorite bakery and market, galleries and music venues. Unfortunately, soon I'll also have to find a dentist.

Like I told somebody at one point, the only thing I miss is good authentic latin food. But food is the last thing one should complain about while in France. "I've heard it's really difficult as an outsider to settle and feel comfortable in Paris" is a comment and question one hears often. I can see how that is partially true. Generally speaking, compared to Latin America and cities in the US I lived in, people in Paris are not that open and warm toward strangers. Especially if you don't speak their language. I have the unfair advantage of already having friends and family here, via which it's been easier to meet other people.

It's a cliché but so true, every place and situation has its positives and negatives. For me, France has a lot of positives on a personal and professional level. The not-so positive characteristics, I will choose and try to have a positive influence over them. It's not always easy, we all have those days when you just can't bother and don't give a sh*t!

More posts on the subject will follow, I'm sure. For now, back to El Globalito, improving my French and knowledge of l'eau-de-vie.

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El Globalito

El-Globalito-2bAiming to be the number one authority of Latin American culture in Paris. El Globalito is an interactive guide, a source for the latest in arts, gastronomy, travel and special events.

Not limited to Paris-based affairs, El Globalito will also include curated reporting and criticism on stories based in Latin American. Via a network of contacts throughout Central and South America, we will bring current and historical events relating to wide-range subjects such as music, politics, food, sports, arts, the environment, the bizarre and ludicrous. In short, whatever we consider interesting and find worthwhile reporting.

El Globalito will thus become the base for the Parisian public to find out about, not only Latin American events in their own backyard, it will also provide a peek into the state of affairs throughout the Latin American continent.

Why do this? Well, El Globalito is self-initiated, a labor of love that had its conception when I knew I'd be relocating to Paris. It's a selfish project, the type of work that satisfies a personal longing which is to collaborate more closely with Latin America. At the same time, providing valuable information to Parisians interested in the Latin culture.

I've always been a big fan of publications such as LA Weekly, Village Voice and other similar print magazines. Whether you agree with their opinions or not, they always provide a reliable, clear and personal point of view on different topics. To me this has always been refreshing. While living in Los Angeles and New York, I always looked forward to picking up the latest edition (usually on Thursdays) and reading their articles during my lunch hour. Besides the generic restaurant and concert guides, I've always enjoyed reading stories main stream newspapers don't find worthwhile covering and skip altogether.

El Globalito will contain a percentage of this type of content (local and international), combined with a calendar of art, music, gastronomy, travel and special events.




I've had the chance to, during the past three-four years, travel to different countries throughout Central and South America on a regular basis. Allowing me to not only reconnect with family, friends and acquaintances, but also to meet new individuals who are, in their own way and to their own degree, participating in creating a new and vibrant Latin America.

For me, someone who left this part of the world at an early age and has not had much contact until now, besides the yearly family gatherings, the past few years have been a sort of awakening. A confirmation of a basic need to be involved and rebuild bridges with the past and make Latin America a big part of my future.

This personal need and my relocation to Paris, as well as the interest of Parisians to find out more about the Latin American culture, gave me the idea to start El Globalise.




The above mood-board and below wireframes are all I can share with you at the moment. I'm sure the move and adaptation to Parisian life will take up most of my time in the near future. But stay tuned, I will definitely share more updates as soon as I can.